People buy from people who they know, like, and trust, but what will set you apart is your customer care. It is your job to follow up after you send samples, it’s your job to make sure people received their items after purchase, and it’s your job to check in on them every once-in-a-while to see how they’re doing.
More on effective follow-ups later…right now, we’re getting your business set up, right? That means that you need to have an effective and efficient customer relationship maintenance system.
It’s important for you to know yourself. How do you work best? Is it from your phone/computer on an app? Is it from a spreadsheet or calendar that you design yourself? A notebook or planner? You need somewhere to house your leads, and a system for following up with them.
The Penny AI app is a customer relationship management app that is built to empower the modern social seller (that’s you!) and I highly recommend giving it a try. Take the tour, do the in-app training.
Whatever your system is, be consistent and create a habit of using it whenever you are working. Being good at following up is the #1 way to be successful in this business, and it starts by not letting anyone fall through the cracks. Revisit your system often – what’s working? What isn’t? Make tweaks. Make it work for you. The point of this system is to maximize your time and help you keep that work-life balance that is so important to us!