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Angela Oesterreich | PaperPie Brand Partner

Hello! I’m Book Lady Angela!

I’m Angela, a Brand Partner with PaperPie! I became a StoryMaker back in October of 2016 and love sharing all of PaperPie’s amazing products with fellow parents and caregivers. I am an avid reader and have always loved books. I’ve lived in Wisconsin my entire life and enjoy watching baseball (go Brewers!) and basketball (go Bucks!) In my spare time, I enjoy reading (obviously), going for walks, coloring, writing, and spending time with my family.


PaperPie is a children’s book publisher with some of the best, most interactive, engaging books around for babies up through young adults! We gather for good around literacy and learning. With activity books to entertain when you need it most, non-fiction titles that make learning fun, and fiction books to help your readers get lost in the story, there is truly something for everyone!

Monthly Specials

My Favorites from PaperPie

Love You Hoo

Love You Hoo

This sweet story between a big and little owl is sure to tug at your heartstrings as you read along the rhyming story of how the two can get through anything together. Perfect bedtime story and a great baby shower gift!

Beast Feast

From the same author as the Nibbles books, Beast Feast follows the story of a beast who thinks he’s going to eat a little boy for dinner and has invited all of his beast friends to join him! As they reply back to the dinner party, read their letters as they fold out on the page! But, when the beast and boy become friends, he has to make a decision – does he still want to eat his newfound friend or disappoint his fellow beasts?

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster

Jonathan James is always worried about something. What if he tries a new sport and isn’t good at it? What if he tries a new food and doesn’t like it? His worries stop him from trying anything new until he works through them and discovers something positive could come from it in the end!


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