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What other books are like All Better?

All Better is easily PaperPie’s best-selling product. Children love placing the reusable bandage stickers on all the animals’ ouchies, and the sturdy board book pages make it a favorite to do over and over again! But, what other books like All Better are there?


Most recently, a brand new title called Good Game was released – little sports fans can place the appropriate sports ball on the page to help the animals play their favorite sports. Little Bear Needs Glasses asks the reader to try different pairs of glasses on Little Bear to see which one first the best, Time to Brush has toothbrush stickers to match with the animals, Hats Off lets the reader choose which hat each animal should wear,  and Good As New has cast stickers to place on the animals’ injuries to make them feel better. Kisses, Cuddles, and Good Night makes for an adorable bedtime story where the reader can place the reusable stuffed animal stickers with animals to put them to bed. If you’re feeling festive, It’s Christmastime actually has 15 reusable stickers for the reader to decorate for Christmas throughout the book.


Here’s a tip: If the reusable stickers in your book get a little dirty or fuzzy from use, rinse them under cold water and leave them to air dry. They will regain their stick and be “good as new!” (See what I did there?!)


From the same author, Feed the Animals does not have reusable stickers; instead, there are five food pieces to slip into a slot at the top of the book on each page to feed each animal the correct tasty treats!


If any of your stickers have gone missing, message me to get started on a replacement order and take advantage of our 50% replacement policy! If you need recommendations for your readers, send me what you’re looking for via e-mail at [email protected] or text me at (262) 269-3204!