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Road Trip Must Haves


Every year when spring and summer come around, customers want to know- what do you recommend for road trips?  I personally love a good road trip- but I haven’t driven my kids farther than the 3 hour drive to camp and WI Dells.  LOL.  BUT, with the right tools, and fun in mind (and an open agenda) I think we’re ready!   What I know my kids adore anytime in the car or outside the car are these things: Audio Books, Look and Find Puzzle Books , and other Brain building activity books.

And here’s why they top my list:

Audiobooks are a fun way to get in more read aloud time together!  We love to listen to old favorites again or find new recommended YA fiction to listen to together.  These pass the time for us all and leave us with things to talk about together.  

Look and Find Books are a great option for all ages!  These 1001 things to spot books do not require any reading.  All kiddos can look at the pictures of what to find and then in the book for the pics of more of that item.  Some of these are also sticker books!    

Brain Building Books, like crosswords and word finds and logic books abound! They are available on all kinds of topics and for varying levels of skill. 

I could go on and on… and… on with more ideas for activity books.

I’d love to hear– what are your favorite road trip activities?