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3 Simple Ways to Prevent the Summer Slide

With the approach of summer, many of us are dreaming of late evenings with bonfires and summer days at the beach or on family vacations.  The whole pace of life slows a bit with the additional hours of sunlight and fewer school related obligations.  Meetings transform into barbecues and pool parties.  With this new pace, some routines may be lost, but learning for our children can remain steadfast with a few simple tips and tricks.  Every week I share ideas for making learning fun in my online community!  But today, I will specifically share some tips to not only avoid the summer slide, but to help kids make a summer LEAP!  

Three tips to help kids make a summer leap!


Summer Learning Bingo

  1. Read in unconventional places!

Read wherever you go this summer, have books at the ready for all kinds of fun adventures.  Grab this summer bingo for some fun ideas to get you started!  Be sure to check off as you read in each of these places!  Share photos of your fun reading spots with us on Instagram @kaitlynclairbooklady or on facebook with the hashtag #summerreadingbingo! 

  1. Let children choose easy books for their summer reading

I know I don’t like to do much heavy reading in the summer, so let’s not make the kids work too hard here either!  Help them look for books that are independent and require little to no extra help from an adult.  If you’re not sure what books fit that bill, have them do the 5 finger check.  Pick up a book and start reading, as they read, put up a finger for each unknown word, if more than 3 fingers are up before the end of the page, then that book is not an independent summer read.  It could be set aside for family read aloud instead! 

Using the 5 Finger Rule

  1. Sneak reading into everyday activities

This can happen all year round, but definitely as you’re on outings like the zoo or museums.  Anywhere you visit whether in your local town or on vacation, ask if there’s a guide or map.  Assign children who read independently the job of being the guides.  They can read about all of the wonderful things you’re experiencing!  Heading to the grocery store?  Assign a reader the task of grocery list keeper.  Emergent readers can even help with this one as they will often recognize branding of common household items.  If you’re spending long evenings together at T-ball or other sporting events, have a special tote of books assigned for just those activities.  Consider learning about book-keeping or score keeping for teams.  Read jerseys, sponsors and team names.  Young readers can take a walk and read the world around them, looking for signs and other familiar words.  

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Here’s to a great summer full of fun reading and lots of learning!  This summer, don’t worry about the summer slide!  With these ideas in practice, you’ll be helping those kiddos make a summer leap!  For more fun ideas about growing readers, join my online community where we have fun exploring all the ways to make our lives Better with Books!