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Why Book Ownership Matters

Let me guess… you’ve been feeling like there’s already so much stuff in your house or there’s not enough in the budget for basics, let alone books, and struggling to decide if it even matters if you buy books or just get them from the library!

You’re in luck! I got you!

In fact, I felt the same way. Story time: When I was a young mom, I knew that I needed books to fill our kids’ homes, but I didn’t have a huge budget for it.  In teacher training and my masters program I read “The Read Aloud Handbook,” by Jim Trelease and I was floored by the significant effect that books in your home has on young readers!  In fact, he references multiple studies showing a direct correlation between access to a variety of print in the home to various performance measures later on in life from early reading to academic testing.  With this knowledge,  I was thrifting garage sales for all the children’s books to start our home library strong!  And I found a lot of books this way!  We also frequented the library regularly, attending story times and grabbing what looked good on the shelf.  We were getting by and I felt I was doing my best for the two little ones (so far!).

Then I came across these beautiful books at a craft sale in a park.  I chatted with the vendor and ogled the bright colors and creativity of these interactive and engaging books.  But it simply wasn’t in the budget to buy those books at that time.  I knew those books had more to offer to my family, and I wanted them in my home!  Later on, I learned how I could get those books for free!

This was a game-changer. I was able to fill up our home with these high quality books that the kids grabbed off the shelf again and again!  I was also able to share these amazing books with more people who hadn’t heard of them yet and earn a little extra book budget money for my family!

What is holding you back from filling your home with more books? Whether it’s space or money, or just not feeling equipped to choose the right ones, I’m here to help!! Click here to learn more about how you can earn books for free! Follow me on Instagram (see below!) for creative ways to store your books 😉 Or shoot me a message to setup a personal shopping apt where I’ll help curate the perfect list of books for your household to get their library growing on your budget.