Add an Email Optin Form

In this tutorial we show how to add an email opt-in form to your Oh My, Hi! website. The video walks through this with an opt-in form from ConvertKit (the email service provider we use in our business and recommend). If you are using a different email service provider they should still have an embed option to get the code you'll copy/paste in to your Oh My, Hi site. Instructions for where to find the embed code for some other popular email service providers are included below the video.

Make sure to create an inline form with your email service provider to have it display inline as shown in the video. If you are using ConvertKit we recommend the "Clare" inline form.

If you have any trouble finding the embed code with your email provider just send us a message and we'll help you out!

Embed a Flodesk Email Optin Form

In Flodesk, you will create an inline form. When you get to the Publish settings there are two snippets you'll need to copy and paste into the Email Optin Code setting of your Oh My, Hi site. At Flodesk click the Copy button under the Header code snippet and paste that in to the Email Optin Code field on your Oh My, Hi site first. Then copy the Inline code snippet and paste that after the Header code snippet in the Email Optin Code field on your Oh My, Hi site.

Embed a MailerLite Email Optin Form

In MailerLite, under your Forms settings you will create an embedded form. In the form overview section at the very bottom you'll find an "Emed form into your website section". Select the HTML code tab then click the Copy to clipboard button. Then go to the Email Optin Code field on your Oh My, Hi site and paste the code.

Embed a Mailchimp Email Optin Form

In Mailchimp, under your Audience settings you will create an embedded sign up form then copy/paste the embed code into the Oh My, Hi Email Optin Form field.

6 comments on “Add an Email Optin Form”

  1. Hi Jeremy! Thank you so much! Do you have a lesson on how to create a form too? I'm new at this. Thanks!

  2. I have MailerLite and loved being able to use the form feature of Mailerlite. Again, very easy tutorial to follow and had this section of my website completed in less than 5 minutes!