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Hi there! I’m Sharron, your PaperPie Learning Book Pal! I’m an ex-federal agent, SAHM, crafty book nerd. I LOVE encouraging kids (of all ages) to love books and reading. Let’s create life-time learners together!


Clever Kids Books firmly supports the PaperPie Vision Statement – We create products and opportunities that enrich, inspire and nourish the mind, heart and imagination. We believe stories are made to share. We transform lives – one story, one book, one family, one child at a time. I am passionate about helping families and communities grow life-time learners. All children need access to great books that engage them and entice them to learn more.


Hat's Off! – $12.99

Are you a fan of All Better – our SUPER popular book with reusable plastic bandaids that can be moved around? Here is a NEW book in the same format!! This one comes with 6 plastic hat stickers, to help the animals cover their little heads. It’s super cute!

Squishy Human Body – $29.99

Who HASN’T wondered how all of our organs fit inside of us? The Squishy Human Body will show you JUST THAT! This 12-inch model features nine removable squishy organs that feel like the real thing. Squeeze the squishy heart and lungs, remove the squishy brain, and even uncoil the squishy intestines! Includes an anatomy book for reference and more information!

Food Fight – $15.99

Well, first of all, I am a big foodie. So any time I see anything about food, I get pretty excited. This book is SUPER CUTE. The Fruits and the Vegetables have always been fighting, but Grape and Mushroom think it’s time for change. They climb to the Top Shelf to seek The Wise Old Cheese for advice. Will he be able to help? The WISE OLD CHEESE!! So cute.

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